Menu Categories
  Vegetable Pakora... $3.00

Mixed vegetable fritters deep-fried

  Onion Bhaji... $3.00

Onion fritters deep-fried

  Paneer Pakora... $5.00

House-made cheese fritters deep-fried

  Vegetable Samosas... $4.00

Two crisp pastries filled with mildly spiced potatoes and peas and deep-fried

  Lamb Samosa 2 Pieces ... $6.00

Two crisp pastries filled with mildly spiced ground lamb and peas and deep-fried

  Chana Samosa Chat... $6.00

One vegetable samosa with garbanzo beans, mint, tamarind sauce and mixed Indian spices

  Shami Kebab... $5.00

Two pieces, ground lentils mixed with ground lamb

  Chicken Manchurian... $8.00

Boneless chicken with, onion jalapeño, ketchup, oyster sauce and hot sauce

  Vegetable Manchurian... $8.00

Mixed vegetables with onion, jalapeño and Indian hot sauce

  Chicken “65”... $8.00

Boneless thigh pieces in a special masala blend of ginger, garlic and spices

Tandoori Specialties
  Lamb Seekh Kabab... $13.00

Ground lamb marinated in spices on skewers

  Tandoori Chicken ... $13.00

Bone-in chicken marinated in spices

  Lamb Boti Kebab... $14.00

Boneless lamb pieces marinated in spices

  Chicken Tikka... $13.00

Cubed boneless chicken pieces in special spice mixture

  Paneer Tikka... $12.00

House-made marinated cheese with vegetables

  Shalimar Tandoori Special... $19.00

Tandoori mix with seafood, lamb and chicken all marinated fresh vegetables

Vegan Delight
  Chana Masala... $10.00

Garbanzo beans cooked with onions in a spiced curry

  Dal Chana... $10.00

Lentils cooked with spices

  Aaloo Bangan... $11.00

Potatoes mixed with eggplant and green peas

  Aloo Gobi... $11.00

Potatoes mixed with cauliflower and spices

  Aloo Mirch... $11.00
 Potatoes with bell pepper, onion and special Indian spices  
  Aloo Mutter... $11.00

Potatoes mixed with green peas

  Saag... $11.00

Spinach cooked with onions in a spicy tomato-based curry

  Bhindi ... $11.00

Okra cooked in spices with fried onions

  Turnip Masala... $11.00

Turnip cooked in a spicy onion-based curry

  Cabbage Mutter... $11.00

Cabbage and green peas in a spicy onion-based curry

  Chola Pathura... $6.00

Fried puffy bread served with garbanzo beans and Indian pickle

  Mushroom Mutter Masala... $11.00

Green peas and mushrooms in onionbased curry sauce

Seafood Specialty
  Salmon Tikka... $14.00

Marinated fresh fish cooked tandoori style

  Shrimp Tikka... $14.00

Marinated fresh shrimp cooked tandoori style

  Shrimp Curry... $13.00

Shrimp cooked with mild curry sauce

  Shrimp Vindaloo... $13.00

Shrimp cooked with potatoes and spices

  Shrimp Korma... $14.00

Shrimp in tomato sauce and almond

  Fish Curry ... $13.00

Tilapia cooked with curry sauce

  Fish Korma... $14.00

Tilapia cooked in tomato and almond sauce

  Chicken Soup ... $4.00

Authentic chicken soup with herbs and vegetables

  Lentil Soup... $3.00
 Lentil soup with mild spices  
  Mugli Soup... $4.00

Chicken, lentils and mixed vegetables with herbs, delicately spiced

Hydrabahi Biryani
  Chicken Biryani... $13.00

Fried rice cooked with chicken

  Egg Biryani... $13.00

Indian "Fried Rice" with Boiled eggs and fried rice and spices

  Lamb Biryani... $14.00

Indian "Fried Rice" With lamb meat

  Shrimp Biryani ... $15.00

Indian "Fried Rice" With shrimp

  Vegetable Biryani ... $11.00

Indian "Fried Rice" With vegetables

  Gulab Jaman... $3.00

Milk balls in rose flavored syrup

  Kheer... $3.00

Indian rice pudding with cardamom and pistachio

  Mango Pudding... $3.00

Made with milk, cream, mango pulp and fruits

  Carrot Halwa... $4.00

Made with carrots, milk, cream and nuts

  Ice Cream... $3.00

A bowl with one scoop each of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

Vegetables Delight
  Dal Makhani... $11.00

Mixed lentils cooked in Indian spices and butter

  Palak (Saag) Paneer... $11.00

Spinach cooked with house-made cheese

  Mushroom Masala... $11.00

Mushrooms cooked in spices, served in a tomato cream sauce

  Mutter Paneer... $11.00

Green peas, house-made cheese, in a spiced tomato and onion sauce

  Paneer Makhani... $12.00

House-made cheese, tomato puree, butter, cream and spices

  Malai Kofta... $12.00

Cheese and vegetable balls cooked in a creamy sauce

  Paneer Tikka Masala ... $12.00

House-made cheese cooked with special spices, served in a tomato cream sauce

  Vegetable Korma... $11.00

Mixed vegetables cooked in tomato sauce with almonds

  Bangan Bartha... $11.00
 Oven-roasted eggplant and green peas, cooked in a spicy onion- and tomato-based curry  
  Aloo Korma... $11.00

Potatoes cooked in a tomato sauce with almonds

Chicken Specialty
  Chicken Curry ... $11.00

Boneless chicken cooked in curry sauce

  Chicken Tikka Masala ... $12.00

Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and spices in a tomato cream sauce

  Chicken Korma ... $12.00

Boneless chicken cooked in tomato sauce and almonds

  Butter Chicken... $12.00

Tandoori-cooked boneless chicken with spices and tomato cream sauce

  Karahi Chicken ... $13.00

Boneless chicken thigh cooked with bell pepper and onion in a curry sauce

  Chicken Vindaloo... $13.00

Boneless chicken thigh cooked with potatoes and spices

  Mango Chicken... $13.00

Boneless chicken with sweet mango and spices

  Chicken Saag... $14.00

Spinach and boneless chicken with onion-based curry

  Chili Chicken... $13.00

Boneless chicken with bell pepper, onion jalapeño, ketchup and garlic ginger paste

Lamb Specialty
  Lamb Curry... $12.00

Lamb cooked in curry sauce

  Lamb Dal... $13.00

Lamb cooked with lentils and spices

  Lamb Vindaloo... $13.00

Lamb cooked with potatoes and spices

  Lamb Korma... $14.00

Lamb cooked in tomato sauce & Almond

  Karahi Lamb ... $14.00

Lamb cooked with bell pepper, onion in a curry sauce

  Lamb Boti Masala... $14.00

Lamb marinated in yogurt and spices, and served in a tomato cream sauce

  Palak Gosht ... $13.00

Spinach and lamb cooked with curry sauce

Salads & Sides
  Vegetarian Salad... $3.00

Mixed green salad with choice of dressing

  Raita... $2.00
 Yogurt mixed with vegetables and a hint of spices  
  Achar... $2.00

Mixed vegetables pickled in mustard oil

  Mango Chutney... $2.00

Sweet, sour and spicy cooked mango pieces

  Onion & Green Chilly... $2.00

Chopped red onion and green chili

  Basmati Rice... $3.00

Finest quality basmati rice, steamed

Bread Selection
  Naan ... $2.00

The classic tandoori naan bread

  Cilantro Naan... $3.00

Naan with cilantro

  Kasuri Methi Naan... $3.00

Naan with fenugreek leaves

  Garlic Naan... $3.00

Naan stuffed with garlic

  Cheese Naan... $4.00

Naan with cheese stuffing

  Peshawari Naan... $5.00

Naan filled with nuts and raisins

  Keema Naan... $5.00

Naan stuffed with ground lamb

  Onion Kulcha... $5.00

Tandoori bread stuffed with chopped onion

  Paneer Kulcha... $5.00

Tandoori bread stuffed with house-made cheese

  Roti/Chapatti... $2.00

Flat wheat bread cooked in clay oven

  Papadum... $2.00

Flat lentil bread (gluten-free)

  Plain Paratha... $3.00

Unleavened wheat bread fried in light vegetable oil

  Aloo Paratha ... $4.00

Bread stuffed with potatoes and spices and fried in light vegetable oil

  Sweet & plain Lassi ... $2.00

Fragrant house-made yogurt drink

  Mango Lassi ... $3.00

A yummy combination of mango and house-made yogurt

  Rooh Afza... $2.00

Rose- and spice-flavored lemonade drink of the East

  Indian Chai Tea – Hot or Iced... $3.00

Indian spiced tea with milk

  Juices... $2.00

Mango, Orange or Apple

  Fountain Drinks... $2.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Lemonade